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My Friend and Colleague Prashanth Marriage was fixed on 01st May 2014 at Udupi, his native was Bellanje near Hebri

Friends working together thought to attend the marriage finally decided to book the TT for the said marriage one or the other reason  some few people had missed the tour with us and later they joined on next day to attend the marriage of Prashanth Shetty

we had a Xuv500 of  Ajoor decided (Me, Lokesh,Harsha,Pramod,Abhi, Umesh and Ajoor) and  left Bangalore from office by 6-00 pm on 29th May 2014, enroute near Gubbi had a Dinner and Reached Shimoga in the 12 midnight and stayed in my friend vishwanath Residence

Next Morning after having breakfast at Meenakshi Bhavan in Shimoga we started our journey towards Hebri via Thirthalli Agumbe, reached Someshwara had darshan of over there drank tender coconut 

from there we reached the entrance of the Hebri Arch that show the sign to reach the KUDLU Theertha Falls, now the road as been made upto the forest entry gate near kudlu, and also the new bridge is getting constructed else we should trek near 6 kms to reach kudlu gate,reached kudlu gate by 11-00 am 

After 2 Kms the real trek starts where the huge forest begun with huge slippery rocks, dead leaves & broken branches of trees all long the way which was heaven for Leeches. The real battle while trekking in winter is not about the distance we travel but it is with managing the Leech we encounter there as we had been in the month of May and previous day it was heavy rains,  we had decent leech bites before we reached the falls. It was amazing experience while trekking last few Kms as we had cross the fully fledged Sita River streams which was flowing with high speed, small mountain peaks with algae all over , Few up’s & down’s all the way before we reach the Kudlu Theertha Falls. it was a beauty of nature, one can encounter the waterfalls, the place is calm, serene and isolated.

 With a height of about 300 feet, it falls directly into a pond which is considered holy by local people, because, sages meditated here thousands of years ago. There is one more waterfall above Kudlu Theertha, called Manga theertha (monkey theertha), named so because, only monkey can reach it as the path is very steep inside the forest.

River Sita originates from Narasimha Parvatha & runs through Someshwara Wild life sanctuary offering free flow water surrounded by an excellence ambiance. The falls was spectacular, simultaneously beautiful, uplifting, overwhelming and bringing such immediacy into our minds. There is no wondering about what the waterfalls were like yesterday, no way to know what they'll look like tomorrow. There will always be a shade of difference but to see them right now, in this moment in their powerful splendor---that is the way to celebrate the present. The falls was really amazing & brought joy to all of us. Eyes were not tired even after seeing the falls for long time. It was dragging all our attentions towards the falls & that was the beauty of it. Off course we spent a nice time taking bath & having the packed food which was carried by us in such a good ambiance. Later took bath before we started back our return journey.  Always When ever I come back after trek I feel Leisure is a form of silence, not noiselessness. It is the silence of contemplation such as occurs when we let our minds rest on a rosebud, a child at play, a Divine mystery, or a waterfall.

A visit to Kudlu Theertha will provide an opportunity to be with the nature. It could be the best place for the weekends.

Most of the in and around nearby places visit this place during the weekends [mostly from manipal, udupi etc]

I had been to this falls nearly 4 to 5 times, u can have a look at my 2010 travelogue 

and also during last year i had visited the same falls with other friends 

It was around 3.30 PM we started back our journey & it just took 90-100 min to come back near our vehicle moved towards Hebri had some snacks at Hebri Circle and moved towards Bellanje to attend the Marriage of Prashanth






30th May 2014 there was a party in the Bellanje Shetty Residence nice time also over there my Freind Vishwanath also joined 

on 01st May 2014 left Hebri to Udupi to attend the marriage of Shetty had a nice timing over the marriage and it was a get to gether of all the freinds joining over there, 

had lunch over there and moved towards Udupi
Stayed at Thonse Par Beach Resort (Thanks to Umesh for arranging accomodation)

Some of the friends went for Banann Ride,  in the Malpe Beach enjoyed in the Beach

Next Morning enroute to Bangalore we visited Kaup Beach




Bangalore ----- > Shimoga ---- > Thirthahalli ----> Agumbe -- > Karkala ---- > Hebri 
The route is  approximately 400 Kms around.



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