Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Tree of Gold

Tabebuia argentea

Common Name : The Tree of Gold
Flowering Season : January – March

This is a common sight all over  Bengaluru during January and February.This yellow tree is in gardens of my office (Vidhana Soudha) :

This tree when in bloom has spectacular yellow blossoms that stand out.

It is worth every effort to tend this small tree from South America and wait for it to bloom,though for a short while. It is not very attractive otherwise. The fissured trunk is seldom straight. It has drooping branches that bear long, greyish green leaves in clusters. The tree bears large clusters of bright yellow tubular flowers rendering the tree very conspicuous.

The tree is not entirely leafless when in bloom. One can see these trees in the premises of
the Bangalore City Railway Station, Vish. Ind. &; Tech. Museum - Kasturba Road, several in Cubbon Park, and in many other places in the city.

(source : Wikipedia)

I captured this pics on 04th March 2012 in and around Vidhana Soudha