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Gulbarga Bidar Tour-Aug 2011

Our friends from the office, on the invitation from the district head had a plan to visit Gulbarga, I along with 9 member started our journey to Gulbarga, booked Udyan express the scheduled time was at 8.25, i was waiting at yelahanka railway station, the train was strucked due to some technical error at gate near Bangalore Cantt, finally the train reached yelahanka at 11pm, had dinner in train with fellow colleagues and reached Gulbarga on 13th 11-30 as soon as we landed at Gulbarga railway station, two innova was waiting and moved towards IB in Gulbarga, had fresh'n'up and after breakfast had a plan to visit Ganagapur, Bande Nawaz Dargah, Buddha Vihar

From Gulbarga, Ganagapur it is around 35-40 Kilometers away. It is State Highway 22.

The road to Ganagapura from gulbarga is very worse and need to improve Infrastructure as it was one of the famous sri kshetra. The 35 Kilometer drive from Gulbarga to Ganagapur took us an 1 1/2 hour !!

The road is so horrible, you have potholes every few meters. Out of 35 KM, only 5 KM has got no potholes, rest is hopeless. The Government seems to just ignore development!! If Government needs to sit up and take note of the fact that Shiridi Sai Baba devotees flock to Lord Dattatreya Temples and you got Millions of Baba devotees in Andhra Pradesh. If you plan to attract these people and improve the areas, need to first concentrate on infrastructure !! If not, since people have no confidence on the rulers but on God would still go - Only in Hundreds. If we  improve infrastructure, you can see lakhs visiting those places.

By the time (2-30pm) we reached Ganagapur directly went inside the temple, as already we had telephoned to arrange a special darshan as it was very crowded becuase of Rakhi Purnima day, we had a special darshan and the blessing of Guru Dattatreya, we had a darshan of Paduka and prasadam over there

Important Note:

If you are not so religious, DO NOT visit Ganagapur on Full Moon (Pournima) Days and other continious holidays. One guy there told us that you will see people only on Pournima days and rest of the days, they would be chasing flies and dogs.

The sorroundings of the temple is not clean, wherever u see the waste including banana's throwing everywhere, There is NO presence of Police here. as it was run by temple authorities

Info about Gangapur

Sri Kshetra Gangapura
Gangapur is about 650 KMS from Bangalore and is well connected by Trains. One should travel by Udyan(Gulbarga)/Karnataka Express and reach Gangapur Road. From there one can get plenty of local buses and autos and can reach Devala Gangapur in about ½ hours time. One of the most famous Dattatreya Peethas, it is associated with Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swami, an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. It Stands on the Bank of river Bhima and Amaraja. The Nirguna Mutt is adorned with the Nirguna Padukas. The confluence of Bhima and Amaraja River known as “Sangama” are considered to be extremely holy.

Sri Kshetra Gangapur, One of the most famous Dattatreya Peethas,  It stands on the bank of the river Bhima in Afzalpur taluka in Gulbarga district of Karnataka. This Nirguna Math is adorned with the Nirguna Padukas. The water of the rivers Bhima and Amaraja, especially at the spot of their confluence, are considered extremely holy. " Bhima -Amarja Sangam at Gangapur is very sacred. There are Koti Theerthas there. The Aswatha Tree at Gangapur is as powerful as tha KalpaVriksha. Near the Aswatha Tree is Narasimha Teertha, and northwards to it are the PapaVinasini Teertha, Varanasi Teertha, Rudrapada Teertha, Chakra Teertha, Koti Teertha, manmadha Teertha etc. There is the Kalleshwara temple there. It is holy as Gokarna.", Sri Narasimha Saraswati lived in Gangapur continuously for a period of 24 years (from Guru Charitra).


There are lot of private lodges in Ganagapur but do not expect 5 star hotels. and also a Government IB over there, However best accommodate is Avadhoota Dattapeetham’s Sachidananda Ganapati Aashram, well you require prior permissions to stay here. Apart from the above, there is a lodge run by the Archak family of Devala Ganagapur, the address is as mentioned below:

Sri Gurudatta Lodge
Ganagapur-585 212.
Gulbarga District.
Phone: 08470-274338

Sri Kshetra Gangapura Temple View


DHARMADARSHAN: The devotees are permitted for darshan to the deity Sri. Datta Maharaja and darshan is free of cost for every one.

 PANCHOPACHAR POOJA : This pooja is carries the tradition of offering flowers to NIRGUNA PADUKA. The devotees have to pay an amount of Rs.16-00 at Devasthan Counter, wherein 3 persons are allowed to perform this pooja per receipt.

: This pooja is offering flowers to NIRGUNA PADUKA and priest will give one coconut
that is blessed with NIRGUNA PADUKA. The devotees have to pay an amount of Rs.27-00 per receipt at Devasthan Counter, wherein 5 persons are allowed to perform this pooja.

: Per receipt of Rs.111-00, 5 persons are allowed to perform this pooja and devotee are
allowed to sit infront of the NIRGUNA PADUKA and perform Kshirabhisheka to the SpatikaLinga worshiped by Shri Datta Maharaj and priest will give one coconut that is blessed with on NIRGUNA PADUKA. The devotees have to pay an amount of Rs.111-00 per receipt at Devasthan Counter for the pooja.

: The devotees have to pay an amount of Rs.222-00 per receipt at Devasthan Counter,
wherein 6 persons are allowed to perform this pooja. The Devotees performing pooja materials, perfume (attar) and Keasar which will be allowed to pour on NIRGUNA PADUKA, the priest sitting behind the Paduka, wearing clean cloth endowed with purity and will perform the pooja and will paint the attar and Keasar on Paduka. However, in any seva no person is allowed to enter the sanctorum and to touch the NIRGUNA ADUKAS and also to pour water on it.. This pooja includes procedures performed in Mahapooja. After completion of pooja, priest will give one small box of Kesaralepan and one coconut blessed with NIRGUNA PADUKA.

(PERFORMED FROM 7.30 PM to 9.30 P.M.)

SADA PALAKI : In this seva, 8 persons are permitted to enter the entrance hall sanctorum and have a darshana opportunity of sitting in front of the deity of Sri Datta Maharaja that is exquisitely decorated with Mahapooja. The seva performers will be allowed to sleep around the temple and palanquin (palaki) of Datta Maharajas which will be circumambulating the temple along with chanting and singing hymns will be temple will go upon them. After palaki, this seva includes the Paying an amount of Rs.331-00 per receipt at Devasthan Counter may perform this seva.

BRAHMOTSAVA PALAKI : In this seva, 15 persons are permitted and it will be as same as Sada Palaki will whereas they will be allowed to perform Kesarlepan pooja. Paying an amount of Rs.551-00 per receipt at Devasthan Counter are eligible to perform this palaki seva.

KALYANOTSAVA (BELLI PALLAKKI) PALAKI : In this seva, 25 persons are permitted participate in all sevas performed on that day in the temple. The specialty of this pooja is that seva people will have prasad of the respectful offering to the deity in the afternoon 12.30 PM, which will be served at the residence of priests. In the evening sevas, palanquin will be of silver instead of regular palanquin. Paying an amount of Rs.1101-00 per receipt at Devasthan Counter may perform this palaki seva.

In Addition to this, there is facility for performing Rudrabhisheka, Laghu-rudra, Maharudra, Abhishek, Homa-Havan and also religious ceremonies like Upanayana, Marriage and Javala in the temple premises which will be performed by the four lineage priests of the temple. These may be performed on payment of prescribed fee at Devasthan Counter

Temple Address & Contact Information:
Telephone : 08472 230495
Contact Person:

Shri Sadashi Divakarbhatt Pujari : 09886920273 / 08472–230495
Shri Vilas Pujari : 98675 62002 / 022-66991045

Khwaja Banda Nawaz Gaisu Daraz

Gaisu Daraz was a murid (disciple) of the noted Sufi saint of Delhi, Hazrat Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehlavi. After the death of Chiragh Dehlavi, Gaisu Daraz took on the mantle of the successor (khalifa).

Khwaja Banda Nawaz Gaisu Daraz

When he moved to Daulatabad around 1398, owing to the attack of Timur on Delhi, he took the Chishti Order to South India.He finally settled down in Gulbarga, at the invitation of Bahamani Sultan, Taj ud-Din Firuz Shah.

Having lived for about 44 years in Delhi he went to Gulbarga. He was 76 (Approx) at that time. Firoz Shah Bahmani ruled over the Deccan during this period. He gave him much respect. For a long time he was engaged in religious discourses, sermons, and spiritual training of the people.

Inside Khwaja Banda Nawaz Gaisu Daraz

Koranti Hanuman Temple

Koranti Hanuman Temple Gulbarga is situated besides the Moulana Abdulkalam Hostel i.e PDA (Pujya
Doddappa Appa ) Egineering College,Koranti Hanuman Temple,Temple is established in year 1957. It is one of very famous temple in Gulbarga.

14th Aug 2011
Next day we planned to visit Bidar
Bidar Attractions - Bidar, in North Karnataka, is an important tourist destination for family friendly vacation. It was the capital of Bahmani rulers in 1424, when Firuz Shah’s brother and successor, Ahmed Shah, moved his court here.

A number of historical monuments dating back to 15th century, reflecting the glory of Bahamini rulers, can be found here. Some of these Bidar Attractions are -
Bidar Fort
Papa nashini (Shiva Temple)
Narasimha Zarna

It was a drive of 110 Kms to Bidar from Gulbarga, It wa one the fantastic Road Journey to Bidar, I haven't come across this type of Road that too in North Karnakaka, I appreciate the works carried over there by district administration who had made

Enroute first we visited the Naga Temple we had a darshan over there, then we visited he Anjaneya Temple 3kms from Naga Temple
Simi Naganatha Temple, (Bidar)

Simi Naganath God

from over there we had been to Papanashini (Shiva Temple)

Papnash Temple: It is believed that Lord Sri Rama, on the way to Ayodhya from Lanka after defeating Ravana, visited this place and that resulted in the temple which would wash off his act of killing Ravana who is a Shiva Bhakt, Papa nashini (Shiva Temple) It is said that one can see snakes guarding the idol especially during Shivarathri festival (celebrated sometime around February).

Temple Stall near Papanashini
from there we moved towards Gurudwara

Gurudwara and Nanak Zara

Another great Bidar attraction is Gurudwara, at the hill foot of Bidar. Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Bidar is dedicated to the first Sikh Guru Nanak Devji. It is believed that Guru Nanak - the first guru of the Sikhs visited this place and got rid of the scarcity of drinking water in the region. It includes Darbar Sahib with an exquisite palanquin made up of marble, Diwan Hall and Langar Hall. There is a separate rest room for Guru Granth Sahib known as Sukhaasan Room and a Likhari room. A stream of sweet water flows from inside the hill. Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, Bidar is a very sacred place and offers peace and wisdom to all its visitors

Narasimha Zara Cave Temple

Narasimha Zara Cave Temple - It is also known as Narasimha Zarna Cave temple, and Jharani Narasimha Temple. The famous cave temple enshrines the powerful deity Lord Narasimha on the wall at the end of a cave,and it is an architectural wonder. It is believed that the shrine at Narasimha Jheera Cave Temple is a swayambu (self-manifested) roopam. A perennial stream of water is said to be flowing continuously for hundreds of years in this place. It is a thrilling experience to walk through waist deep water for 300 meters through a cave-like tunnel, to seek a view of Lord Narasimha.(see last picture) It is one of the main attractions of Bidar

Zarni Narasimha Swamy, Bidar

Inside Narasimha Zara Cave Temple

Inside Narasimha Zara Cave Temple

Devotees waiting for darshanInside Narasimha Zara Cave Temple 

Inside Narasimha Zara Cave Temple

Please have a look of Video Footage of this Jarni Narasimha Temple on Youtube which was Uploaded by on May 8, 2008



Bidar Fort: The fort was one the largest and strongest forts in India - It was built by Ahmad Wali Shah in 15th Century. This Fort has five gates with imposing bastions lead into a little town nestling within the ramparts. The fort occupies a promontory that is defended by double rings of walls and a moat partly carved out of the bedrock. In the center of this fort is the old city with its monuments and structures, belonging to the Bahamani era. There are important palaces like Rangeen Mahal, within the ramparts of the fort. The fort is one the largest and strongest forts in India.

Bidar Fort

After visiting the Bidar Fort, we proceeded back to Gulbarga, reached gulbarga by 6-45 pm and visited the sharana basaveshwara temple and and had a darshan and finally visited the Buddha Vihar

Buddha Vihar

Please have a look of the photographs of BuddhaVihar from the following link, as i could not take pictures as it was restircted to shoot photos and videos