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Though the villages around Tumkur lacks good water resources, the few dams and reservoirs dotted across the district not only help augment the same but have also turned out to be spots of beauty. One such scenic spot is the Boran Kanive Dam near Bukkapatna. Borankanive can be approached from Tumkur either via Chiknayakanahalli and Huliyar or via Sira and Bukkapatna.

The latter is a better option. Driving to Sira on NH 4, take the road to the left before the flyover to reach Bukkapatna 20 kms away. A further 11 km brings you to the dam. At Bellara, a tiny hamlet on the way, is a lovely forest rest house. Surrounded by tall trees on all sides this makes for an ideal retreat for the night.

Leave your belongings here head for the dam site with some snacks.

DAM View
Follow the 1 km path to the left after Hoysalakatte village and climb up the steps and you will be rewarded with a view of the reservoir. Constructed as early as 1982 for minor irrigation, it stands 80 ft above the ground level. A couple of kilometres down the main road westward is a temple of Rangantha. The 35,000-acres of dense forest offer great scope for trekking.

Forest Rest House, Bukkapatna

There are three watch towers at different locations. Walking the trails over undulating terrain is quite enjoyable. Prior permission from the Range Forest Officer at Bukkapatna and a forest guide are essential.

According to Forest Dept, these jungles have a fair distribution of wild life like the fox, deer a black buck. Sighting of the rare 4 horned antelope has also been reported, he adds. As regards flora the area abounds in a variety of trees and plants including the dominant species of ‘Kamara’ tree (Hardwickia Binata).
Travel Tips

*How to go: Drive on NH 4 to Sira (120 kms) turn left and proceed to Bukkapatna (20 km). Another 11 kms further is the dam. Private buses reach as far as Hoysalakatte village and autos cover the remaining distance.
*Food and Water, Stay: Small hotels at Hoysalakatte.
If you say at FRH (Forest Rest House) the cook can arrange meals.
*Accommodation: For staying at FRH permission from RFO, Bukkapatna (958135 - 271539) is required. Otherwise stay at a hotel in Sira.
*Suggestion: Take care not to spoil the lake, the surroundings and trekking trails
(Article Courtesy : Sri BV Prakash) (Photographs : Sateesh N)


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