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Hebri is a small town in Udupi district of Karnataka, en route from Udupi to Agumbe. Hebri is at the foot of the Western Ghats of India in Karnataka state. It is a junction of roads leading to Brahmavar, Karkala, Shimoga and Udupi. The place is scenic and splendid with evergreen forests. Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary is located nearby. This sanctuary houses some of the endangered species like the Lion-Tailed Macaque.

Its local language happens to be Tulu, though Kannada also is prominently spoken. The local deity (also known as the Grama Devaru in kannada ) is "Ananthpadmanabha".

Scenic spots around Hebri

Kudlu Theertha Falls
Seeta nadi

omeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary: About 40 km from Udupi. It contains rare species of animals, birds and medicinal plants.

Kudlū Theerthā Falls: About 42 km from Udupi. A waterfall located deep in the jungles of Western Ghats, close to Hebri town. This is a beautiful water fall in any standards, and may become very weak during Feb-May. With a height of about 300 feet, it falls directly into a pond which is considered holy by local people, because, sages meditated here thousands of years ago. There is one more water fall above Kudlu theertha, called Manga theertha (monkey theertha) named so because, only monkey can reach it as the path is very steep inside the forest

How to go - 20 kms from Agumbe, take a left detour before 6 kms to Hebri, another left after another 3-4 kms. The road will end at the banks of river Sita. There is a burma bridge on the right side to cross the river(dont try to swim across). After that one has to walk for 4 kms inside the jungle. There will be a small stream which has to be crossed to reach the foothills. Trek 3-4 kms and you will reach the most beautiful falls in the entire state.

You can even request your driver to drive you across the river, this way you save 3 kms of trek. I did the same.

Remember, always go to your left along the water and if takes more than a hour, you probably came the wrong way

Mode of transport – If one wants to go there by public transport, then he can either go to Shimoga and catch a mini bus(which plies at frequent intervals to Hebri) and get down at the Koodlu gate. From there catch another minibus which will go upto a place called Dargas. Dargas is around 6 kms from the banks of river Sita. So one need to walk that extra 6 kms also. The other option is to go to Hebri(the bus will go via Dharmastala, Karkala,etc) and there you can catch the mini-bus to Nellikatte and get down at Dargas.

Route 1:
Bangalore ----- > Dharmastala ----- > Karkala ------- > Hebri 

Route 2:
Bangalore ----- > Shimoga ---- > Thirthahalli ----> Agumbe -- > Karkala ---- > Hebri 

Route 3:
Bangalore --- > Chikkamangaloe ----> Sringeri --- > Agumbe -- > Karkala --> Hebri

Travel Essentials :

Water, Shoes and loose pants, preferably a lower.

cap,  am and some yummy food

Some band aids, would come in handy for bruises

Salt, if and only if its raining

Most importantly, TRAVEL LIGHT